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Think you have what it takes to sail the ocean and dive onto the reefs and coral?  Fish for Marlin or chase down a whale? Find out what 5 things you won’t want to forget when you go on this adventure.  

Bike a Mountain at the Summit!

Central Florida Council Powder Horn

Sailing the Carribbean from Seabase!




April 6 - 9, 2017

Powder Horn 2017 will be held at Camp La No Che

​41940 Boy Scout Road; Paisley, FL  32767

Powder Horn Training starts here in Central Florida Council. Find out how the adventure starts when you look down the trail and have that first rush with the wind ripping by your ears and the sense of turning into the berm with a jump over the rocks and water. Can you test your skills in a friendly environment and yet, even the harshest conditions won't let you stop with the excitement you get riding the mountains.